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Hey! Register your Kayak in these 6 states

In this post, I’ll tell you which states you need to register your kayak and how exactly you have to prepare when registering your boat in those states. I’ll share the required document and write about average cost on register your kayak.

At the time, I officially bought my first kayak, and plan on taking it out on state Park lakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I was wondering what in these two states am I required to have to go out on the lakes?  I’ve heard my friend said that I need to register my new kayak. 

So, Do I need to register my kayak? The Answer is: Yes and no! Kayak registration depends on your location. Some states insist on it, while others do not. Now, if you live in any of the following states, you will need to register your kayak.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Ohio
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Pennsylvania

In each of these states, there are specific rules that govern the registration of the kayak, plus, some documentation required for you to register. Once registered, you can be able to use it in the waters within that particular state.

A kayak registration is similar to a car registration, and it means that you must have it each and every time you take your kayak into the waters. In some states, it is even accompanied by some registration number plates that you must also paint on the sides of your kayak.

I’ve done some research on this particular topic. In this article, we shall be looking at the different registration requirements per state, and the cost for each.


If your kayak is not human-powered. Whatever you have a gas motor or an electric motor on your boat. That kayak typically does need to be registered in every state especially if you going kayak in some type of public waterway. 


How to register your Kayak in Alaska:

In Alaska, this is done with your local DMV office, and what you shall need to do first is fill in a registration for application with form 841. 

You will also need to bring one of the following documents as proof of ownership;

  • Ownership document,
  • Manufacturer statement of ownership.
  • Carpenters certificate.
  • A bill of sale from the previous dealer/owner
  • A title of registration from the previously registered state.
  • An affidavit of ownership i.e. you need to fill a form 848


Registration fee:

The cost of application is $10 and this registration shall be valid for the next three years. The registration shall expire at the end of the month in which the boat’s registration was done.

Check out more on: (BOAT REGISTRATION-DOA of Alaska)


How to register your Kayak in Arizona:

In Arizona, this is done by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD), and, once you have registered your kayak, you must always keep the certificate number on the kayak, every time you go into the waters.

Your AZ number should also be attached or painted on the front of the kayak i.e. on both sides together with the renewal decal.

Now if your kayak is brand new, here are the requirements;

  • A completed form 1532. This is the certificate of number form.
  • A bill of sale, which will include;
    • The buyer’s and the seller’s full names.
    • The length of the kayak.
    • The hull identification numbers.
    • The manufacturer.
    • The purchase price
    • The amount of sales tax paid.
  • The manufacturer’s statement of origin.
  • The payment of all required fees.

For a used kayak, the registration requirements include;

  • A completed form 1532
  • A bill of sale with the following information;
    • The buyer’s and the seller’s full names.
    • The length of the kayak.
    • The hull identification numbers.
    • The manufacturer.
    • The purchase price
    • The amount of sales tax paid.
  • The current registration that must have the previous owner’s registration.
  • The payment of all applicable fees.


Registration fee:

For residents of the state of Arizona, the registration fee ranges between $20 – $66 depending on the length of your kayak, while for the non-residents, the range is between $ 100 – $ 495, again depending on the length of your kayak.

If you are transferring ownership from one person to another, you shall pay a fee of $13, for the duplicate decal, the fee is $8, and for the registration renewal and late fee, you shall be required to pay a fee of $5.

The registration is valid for anywhere between 7 and 18 months.


How to register your Kayak in Ohio:

The Ohio Division of Parks and Watercrafts does the registration of all kayaks. For your kayak, you shall not require to have a registration number painted on the side for identification purposes. The requirements for registration are;

  • A completed watercraft registration form – DNR 8460R
  • A proof of ownership document, which can be either of the following documents;
    • The manufacturer’s certificate of ownership
    • A properly signed title
    • A current certificate of registration
  • Your Ohio driver’s license
  • A payment of all the applicable fees.


Registration fee:

The cost of registration ranges from $33 – $93 for all new registrations and between $38 – $98 for any renewals. It depends on the size of your kayak. The registration certificate in Ohio is valid for 3 years.


How to register your Kayak in Iowa:

If you live in Iowa, and you have a kayak that is over 13 feet long (Boats are exempt from registration in Iowa: Canoes and kayaks that are under 13 feet in length and lack a motor or sail.) then you shall need to register it with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (NDR). The requirements for registration are;

  • A completed application form DNR 542-8067
  • A proof of ownership document, which can be either of;
    • A bill of sale
    • The certificate of origin from the manufacturer
  • A registration and title for a used Kayak
  • A payment of all the necessary fees.


Registration fee:

This registration is valid for the next three years, and the cost of registration in Iowa state changes from year to year, so, make a point of looking at the fee schedule for the specific year you are doing the registration on their website. For now 

  • Class I: Less than 16’ long – $22.50
  • Class II: 16’ to less than 26’ long – $36
  • Class III: 26’ to less than 40’ long – $75
  • Class IV: 40’ or longer – $150

Fees for vessels with no motor or sail of any length are $12. Personal watercraft incur a fee of $45, while a documented vessel of any length costs $25 to register in Iowa. Additional administrative fees may apply.


Here’s How to register your kayak in Minnesota:

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires all non-motorized vessels over 10 feet in length to be registered within 15 days of purchasing the vessel. You will need the following documents for this process;

  • A completed application form for registration, which is form LB014
  • A document showing proof of ownership, which can be either of the following;
    • A statement of origin from the manufacturer.
    • A title for the Kayak.
  • A registration certificate.
  • A receipt showing that all the taxes have been paid.


Registration fee:

You can either submit these documents in person or send them over the post office, and the registration shall be valid for three years, and you will be charged a fee of $10.50, whether it is a new registration or a renewal.


Here’s How to register your kayak in Pennsylvania:

All registrations of vessels in Pennsylvania are under the jurisdiction of The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), and you will need to submit the following documents for your Kayak to be registered in this state;

  • A completed application for registration form REV-336.
  • An acceptable proof of ownership documentation such as a manufacturer’s certificate of origin.
  • Proof that all applicable fees have been paid.


Registration fee:

The registration certificate is valid for two years, and the fee ranges from $18 to $52. Depends on the size of your kayak.



Registering your Kayak is a requirement for any resident or non-resident residing in the above-mentioned states. As you can see, it is not a long procedure, and it also doesn’t take long. You can also opt to send the registrations requirements via the post office, as compared to queuing at the DMV, which most people do not like.

The cost is also not too high for an initial registration or even a renewal, so if you own a Kayak, ensure to visit the local offices and have it registered so you can legally use it.

Hope you find this article helpful if you find any information wrong or outdated, please kindly leave your comment below. I’ll update it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, Happy kayaking.


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