Drysuits may not be the most needed item in kayaking, but you will need it someday. When the water temperature drops below 65 degrees or lower, you should start dressing right for the condition. Because of the cold shock, cold incapacitation and hypothermia are going to attack you at this moment. That’s why you need to prepare a drysuit.


It’s very hard to define the exact water temperature when you need to wear a drysuit for safety because often times in the overlap between 45 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit a wetsuit may work as well as a drysuit.


The key is comfort in addition to safety. When you combine a dry suit with multiple layers that you can adjust based on the conditions, a dry suit, because of it breaths, will often be more comfortable than getting soaked in sweat under a wetsuit. If you have the option, using a dry suit when the water temps drop below 50 degrees will make you more comfortable, and often when the water is above 50 and the air temperature is cold a dry suit will feel more comfortable.


Comes to my suggestion on the drysuit. I’ve owned many drysuits over time. The Gul Code Zero Stretch U-Zip Drysuit (they are available on Amazon.com)thus far is the best one I’ve owned.





There are several reasons make this product stand out from so many drysuits in the market.


First of all, the material of the neck and wrist seal which can insulate your body from any water to keep you dry. And this drysuit seal perfectly.


The Gul Code Zero Stretch U-Zip Drysuit has the seals made of neoprene. They called it GCX4 EVO Breathable waterproof 2/2 mechanical stretch technology.


(For extreme wet, cold and windy conditions, GCX4 EVO mechanical stretch fabric will keep you warm, dry and safe. Gaining the optimum experience, allowing you to achieve personal goals because the challenge never ends. The highly advanced GCX4 four-layer 2/2 mechanical stretch fabric specifically engineered to fit the demanding use over time, whilst offering additional flexibility. Waterproof- 20 000 mm Breathability – 10 000 g/m/24h. All seams fully taped for long-lasting extreme waterproofness. • Waterproof • Windproof • Breathability • Flexibility)



I always recommend a durable fabric that’s breathable. I like Gore-tex because in my experience it breaths better than anything else out there and it lasts longer. But it is way too expensive. This drysuit breath as well as my Gore-Tex suits and much more comfortable and durable than other materials.


The second reason is the price of this drysuit. I can confidently say that you can not find a better drysuit on the market for this price. It’s a good function, full-designed drysuit like all the other drysuits on the market but it only costs you maybe the half of the price. I paid less than any suits I’ve had before and it seems to be a better product.


Plus it even gives you an undersuit for FREE!


One more thing, it has a pee zipper! It allows you to urinate without taking off this drysuit. That’s a fantastic feature for all the lazy guys, Haha.



Here is the size chart from Gul.com for your reference.