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9 awesome Kayak Podcasts for Paddler(With Link)

In this post, I’ll list 9 awesome kayaking related podcasts for you, each one I’ll provide the description and give it a quick review.  

Podcasts are a great way to share the news, culture, gear, and adventures of the kayaking world. I really love to listen to the Podcast while driving. We spend hundreds of hours in our vehicles commuting from our home to the workplace. That’s the beauty of the Podcast, you can listen to it during your commute or when you do other things at work or at home. 

Furthermore, we can decide what we want to hear, and when we want to hear it. Sometimes I want to just relax and listen to some leisure topic and sometimes I want something informative. In a podcast, the content is communicated directly to you. That’s a much more intimate way of getting information than reading it from an e-mail or document.

That’s why I decide to write this post to share the list of the 9 awesome Podcasts about kayaking. Some of them may not 100% focus on the “kayaks”, they probably will cover a variety outdoor or water activities. But you can always choose the episode which is compelling to you.


KayakFishingRadio podcast

iTunes link


KayakFishingRadio.com is a gathering of kayak fishing enthusiasts from around the country, that support different kayak fishing forums and kayak fishing guides.

Kayak Fishing Radio will live at 8 pm EST, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. Not only are there different hosts every day, if by chance you miss a live show you can download the podcast. They also have a steady of supply of callers, at any time you could be hearing names like Kayak Kevin, Rob Choi, Dee Kaminski, Chad Hoover, and so many other people known in the Kayak fishing world.

Anything Kayak fishing you can think of. Fishing reports from different areas, rigging, fishing, and equipment, freshwater, and saltwater. East Coast and West Coast and states in the Middle… Of course Kayaks, you name the brand, there will be somebody there that knows something.

Not only can you call the show, but you can also chat live and ask a question or contribute. The Organizers of Kayak Fishing Radio also came up with the Boondoggle. An event in a non-competitive nature for Kayakers to get together in different areas of the country and fish.  If Kayak fishing is your sport, come to check us out this Podcast.


Great show. A great group of guys and girls with lots of info for the beginner kayak fisher to the advance. You will always learn something new.



Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons


Kayak Fishing with Jim Sammons podcast
iTunes link


Jim Sammons is the host of The Kayak Fishing show and shares stories and information about his adventures around the world and about the gear he is using during interviews with his guests.

When Jim Sammons started kayak fishing over 20 years ago in southern California, he was one of the first. Now the veteran angler is considered by many to be one of the godfathers of modern kayak fishing. 

Jim has been a major influence in the kayak fishing front and for years worked with manufacturers on the design end. Most recently Jim is working with Jackson Kayak for their new line. He is also currently the host of The Kayak Fishing Show Podcast and the host of tv show Kayak Fishing Show on World Fishing Network and The Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge on NBC Sports.



kayak fishing raw podcast


kayak fishing raw podcast

iTunes link


Join EKFT(extreme kayak fishing tournament) owner Joe Hector & peddle pirate every week to talk about offshore kayak fishing, tournaments, and everything extreme.

This Podcast is relatively new and the topic is specifically focused on the extreme kayak fishing tournament which is a special contest held by the Joe Hector(owner of EKFT.) but they also talk about general kayak fishing, so it’s definitely worth to listen to it.

The fishing tournament is fun to watch. As the anglers paddle out, they battle the wind and the waves as well as the heat and the current, which can be taxing even on calm days. Add having to fight a big fish to the mix, especially one that tows you farther offshore. If you have the chance to attain the game and you’ve got yourself a really hard workout. One that will have your body aching and your brain questioning the sanity of kayak fishing. 


These guys have fun with kayak fishing and an instant rapport with their guests. Good stuff and not overly serious, a reminder that fishing is fun and that’s why we do it!



Rut and River Pursuits Podcast


rut&river pursuits podcast

iTunes link


Welcome to the Rut and River Pursuits Podcast. Join our epic pro staff around the sonic campfire for stories of our adventures from our Eastern Mountains to the Chesapeake salt. Let our highs and lows inspire you to take to the outdoors.

The brief info from their website: Rut and River Pursuits is more than just a fun podcast. Our journey started over a decade ago. We have made a lot of friends and worked with a number of industry professionals. The Heart of Rut and River Pursuits is our Podcast, but it was R2’s creative team that started it all in photography, videography, product reviews, and much more.


A bunch of great guys, talking about the outdoors and the bond that develops from that experience. Relatable and comfortable. If you’re not a hunter or fisher and wonder what the fuss is about, these guys relate what it’s all about. A great listen. It makes me feel like I’m with my own group of guys telling the stories of hunts past. 

These guys are a real deal. Not the highly produced set up shots you see on tv. They are just like you and I. Most have regular jobs and a love for the outdoors that blows away my own. These guys have thousands of hours of experience behind them. One has his own fly fishing shop and guide service. So you’ll get the straight dope on the state of hunting and fishing, where it’s been, where it is, and where it’s going. (From iTunes review)

For me personally. This podcast is amazing. Even for someone like me who is not a hunter or pro fisher. The show is always funny, informative, and their unique experience make this podcast very special. This podcast will give you many experiences of the outdoors lifestyle. 

The team has a true respect for the natural order & for taking care of our woodlands and waterways so that future generations can enjoy them. Their interviews are also top notch. They have a unique way of asking real questions to even high profile guest. You’ll feel like you’re actually getting to know some of the big names in the industry as well as people you may have never heard of who are doing truly amazing things.



Paddling Adventures Radio

paddling adventure podcast
iTunes link


Paddling Adventures Radio is a weekly podcast covering all aspects of paddling. Canoes, kayaks, SUP & rafting.

Bringing you news, events, and stories from the world of paddle sports. Whether you are into canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or rafts, we bring you information from and for the paddling community.

The host is Sean Rowley. He is growing up as far north as James Bay and as far west as the Rocky Mountains and the Prairies. Sean has spent most of his life outdoors and has seen a lot of what Canada has to offer people who love to get outside.

Combining his love of canoes, camping, and photography, Sean has been canoe tripping for over 25 years and has many more years ahead of him. Testing new gear and learning new skills is part of what Sean enjoys most about getting out on the water and into the backcountry.

And the Co-host is Derek Specht. From the East Coast to the West Coast and now in Southern Ontario, Derek has always enjoyed spending time outdoors, whether it is hiking, skiing, sea kayaking or winter camping.

Since moving to the Toronto area, Derek has combined his love of paddling with camping and has learned to appreciate the quiet solitude and peace that canoe tripping can bring. Grateful for an amazing group of paddlers he calls friends; paddling currently consumes much of his quality time.


This podcast is very informative. I remember one episode which they talk about the Waterlily turbine USB charger. That’s something I’ve never heard before and they discover new gear and always provide the newest information for the audience. I will definitely recommend this Podcast.




yaktactic podcast

iTunes link


We are a Podcast that aims to entertain and educate the Kayak Fishing Community with interviews, tactics, techniques, and methods for fishing for as many species as possible.

The hosts are Dean Limb and Chris Sartain.

More about them

Dean Limb, I grew up fishing small streams and rivers. After I got out of the navy, I was able to pick up my love for fishing again and I was lucky enough that my awesome wife bought me a fishing kayak.  Since then, I have done my best to fish as much as possible and learn how to catch as many different types of fish as I can. I love learning new techniques for catching fish because I believe it makes me a better fisherman and that love is the main reason I decided to start this podcast up with Chris. I hope you all enjoy the information that we give out and if you have any questions for me feel free to shoot us an email and we will do our best to get them answered in a podcast.

Chris Sartain, The first fish I caught was a Pumpkinseed while fishing with my Dad and Grandpa when I was six. I still remember that day. Growing up I did a lot of Trout fishing in creeks, rivers, and lakes in the Cascades of Washington. More recently I purchased a kayak and started kayak fishing and I became hooked. I am a multispecies fisherman but I do a lot of Bass fishing because I live near a great Black Bass fishery, the California Delta. I am excited to be working with Dean on the Yak Tactics Podcast and I look forward to creating entertaining and informative content that can hopefully help everyone catch more fish!


Kayak Anglers need to subscribe to these guys. Dean and Chris bring you entertaining topics and informative contents with interesting guests. On second thought, any anglers will find this podcast series fun and interesting.


Inspiring Adventurer: Daily Outdoor Sports Podcast

inspiringadventurer podcast

iTunes link


Inspiring Adventurer provides daily motivating one-to-one interviews and captivating personal stories following a consistent format. Guests are inspiring adventurers, top travel experts, and exceptional outdoor sports personalities who all share our passion for adventure and love for the outdoors.

By interviewing people who have lived under extreme conditions, overcome extraordinary challenges and looked risk and fear straight in the eye, this podcast intends to distill the very essence of adventure, excitement, and risk-taking to provide clear steps for having a more exciting and inspiring daily routine and life.


Actually, this Podcast is not updated anymore but you still can find some interesting topics in their previous episode. They are not mainly focused on the kayaking but they used to have a day call “Kayaking Friday” which will invite some kayakers on the show and share some personal experience.

Also, you could listen to other subjects besides the kayaking, the Podcast really develop such an amazing community of people. It will inspire you to pursue the adventurous lifestyle.



One Objective Bass Fishing

one objective podcast

iTunes link


Noting but bass fishing tips and tricks that will make you a better bass fisherman.

We are starting our live podcast in February. The reason is that. We love the sport of bass fishing. We love to learn new tips and techniques. So as we learn we will be sharing everything with our followers.  

If you love kayak fishing or have been thinking about getting into it. This show will be for you.


Hands down the best bass fishing show out there. Great cast and fun energy! Highly recommend.

Check out their Youtube Channel.



Kayak Mainline 

kayak mainline podcast

iTunes link


The Kayak Mainline Podcast is a Sea Kayak related podcast from David Johnston and Kelly Blades. 

The show consists of a roundup of weird and wonderful paddling news, question and answer sessions, and interviews with folks from different areas of the kayaking community – instructors, equipment suppliers/manufacturers, and paddlers.

With Kelly being from America and David from Canada, there are aspects of the news such as upcoming events that may be a little out of the travel budget/time for the ones who not live in Canada. However, the content is engaging and delivered in a fun, relaxed conversational style and there have been some cracking interviews. 

The show is already stop updated but you still can find valuable content in the Podcast. Especially in the interviews and ‘ask a pro’ kind of episode. They are always fun to listen to.


I love these guys and their attempt to do for sea kayaking what Freakonomics has done for the dismal science. 

I laughed, I didn’t cry but did groan at least once, listening to their first effort. I’m excited to see there is a second episode for me to do my dishes by.

I’m just hoping they can keep up the high standards they’ve set themselves in bringing interesting an accessible information about the world of sea kayaking and the paddling industry to the web while avoiding run-on sentences, shameless pandering and bad puns intended or otherwise.



The 9 Awesome kayak Podcasts.

kayak podcasts

Hope you find this article helpful. I write this post based on my personal experience and research on the internet. If you find anything wrong or outdated, please leave your comment below. I will update as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading. Happy Kayaking.

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